Konsult Tek is a provider of quality equipment for industrial usage and represents leading OEMs / manufacturers and solution providers from USA and Europe. The products offered confirm to International quality standards. The range of products includes but is not limited to:
  • Electrornic and Microwave Components -  Electronic support, and Radio components(commercial)
  • Water Pumping Solutions - Solar and Windmill water pumping equipment, tower kits, pumps, inverters, charge controllers
  • Weighing & calculation systems - centre-of-gravity weighing, manual & automatic measurement systems for various machines and vehicles, French origin (CAPTELS)
  • HVAC Systems - Air-conditioning and heating systems, split, wall-mounted, and custom made units.
  • Industrial Chemicals - Adhesives, sealants, polymer bonding agents & epoxies etc.
  • Backup Power Solutions- Generators (Petrol/Gas, UPS, Solar Power Cells, Batteries etc).
  • Water management solutions - Digital and analog water meters German origin
  • Pumps & motors - Horizontal & vertical Centrifugal pumps, Pneumatic & Barrel Transfer pumps - German & Italian origin
  • Valves - Complete range & sizes of Butterfly, Gate, Check, Plug, Globe, Ball & safety valves - German & Italian origin
  • Accessories - Mixers, volumetric flow meters, pulsation dampeners, adapters, tees, hoses and flow reversers.
  • Tools -  Full range of tools including hand tools, metric tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, cutting, grinding, & testing tools
  • Lubricants – Complete range of Oils, Lubricants, Hydraulic fluids
  • Industrial Automation Solutions – Robots, conveyer belts, assemblies
  • Computer Hardware & Software - Desktop PCs, Note Books, Servers, Printers, Plotters; Software (ERPs, HMS, MIS, Core Systems)
  • Ground support equipment - Tow Tractors, Battery Bank, Fork Lifters, Cranes etc.
  • Aviation Spares – All types including Electronic, Electrical, Communication & Mechanical.
  • Test Equipment – Hydraulic, Engine, Test stands, Hydraulic kits etc.