Konsult Tek has been engaged in carrying out various engagements related to agriculture sector. In particular, KT is focusing on the introduction and execution of advanced farming methods, i.e. Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions / greenhouses, and the adaptation of these technologies / tools as per localized conditions. KT is dedicated to the development of agriculture sector, provision of healthy food, higher agriculture yield, and ultimately poverty alleviation.
Our services pertaining to the Agriculture sector include:
  • Feasibility Studies to introduce New Technologies / Market Research
  • Controlled Environment Agricultural Solutions (Turn Key Basis)
  • Nature Farming Consultation
Feasibility Studies: We offer Business Advisory services to agriculture sector organizations, helping them achieve maximum output. Our experts conduct feasibility studies for analysis and evaluation of proposed projects for implementation of advanced horticulture solutions including hydroponics farming, drip irrigation systems, and nature farming. Our team of consultants involves foreign and local experienced resources.

Our team has been involved in conducting various feasibility studies to include introduction of Integrated Farming, Biodeisel Production from Jatropha plant, and Livestock.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Solutions: CEA is an advanced horticulture practice whereby plants are grown within a controlled environment to achieve a crop's optimum yield levels. Our experts have been engaged in planning, designing, and operating small to medium sized controlled environment greenhouses. We have the expertise in conducting feasibility studies for the design and implementation of advanced horticulture solutions. We assist our clients in choosing the horticulture technique fit for their location, climate, crop and budget.

Nature Farming: Our alliance partners deploy a combination of equipment, tools, organic fertilizers, and farming methods enabling growers to produce health-giving organic food in abundance, and at a very low cost. Our experts have utilized natural resources in the form of barren land, sunlight, ground water, waste water, human and animal wastes, specialized trees and plants, insects, and bacteria in a number of locations across the country. Farmers in the model districts of Sindh have utilized these techniques on ground and are profiting from this technology in the form of high yield organic food. To provide required quantities of water, Drip irrigation System has been implemented on select sites/farms. With almost every kind of crop, Drip Irrigation provided huge savings of water, and also yielded an improvement in crop quality. To fulfill fertilizer requirements our experts implement vermicompost, based on totally indigenous resources. Vermicompost is produced through leaves of different plants, via the application of earthworms. The compost is ideal for plants and is cost effective for farmers. Biogas tanks have been deployed by our affiliate partners across model farms to offer small farmers clean fuel for lighting and heating and high quality liquid fertilizer for crop cultivation.